Ode to an egg yolk……..


Is there anything more sexy, more seductive, or more perfect than a runny egg yolk?


To me, there isn’t.

Call me crazy. But in my humble opinion, there is no moment more thrilling, more full of joy than taking my knife, making a single, delicate cut, and watching all the golden, silken, treasure ooze forth and envelope everything in a warm, mouth-watering blanket.

Seriously, I’m in heaven just thinking about it.

The moment before that is filled with such giddiness and anticipation, you’d think I was 7 years old and it was Christmas morning. Perhaps you know the feeling? Standing at the top of the stairs, trying to contain the intense glee racing through you as you try to fathom what’s waiting for you at the bottom, just a couple feet away. That’s exactly how I feel at that particular instant. And it doesn’t matter if I’m nestled at home or dining out, I always try to embrace that minute (just a brief one) and take in the delectable, little present sitting before me.


(Isn’t everything made infinitely better by adding an egg?)


So, whether it be a wonderfully poached egg atop my Eggs Benedict, a soft-boiled delight adding luxury to my green salad, or a simple, yet glorious, sunny-side-up edition in which to dip my buttered toast – I think it’s safe to say I love it and crave it all. I crave the good stuff.


Anyone else out there feel the same way?


3 thoughts on “Ode to an egg yolk……..

  1. YES! I will put a runny egg on anything and it always sways my order at a restaurant. I would like to create a new Portlandia sketch a la put a bird on it, but with eggs.

  2. Hi! It totally sways my order too. I can’t resist. There’s only been one exception where I opted out and instantly regretted it. The food was still delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely made a point to say ‘I should have gotten this with an egg’ to the table. Lesson learned!

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