Posted in July 2012

Wonderfully uncomplicated.

Cooking in the Summer time begs for simplicity. The season when produce is in its prime and at its most abundant, when there’s a desperate need to use as little heat as possible (unless it comes from an outdoor grill), and when we desire to spend less time in kitchen and more time lounging in … Continue reading

Friday night, everything’s alright.

I’m obsessed with the video on Ashley Rodriguez’s website, notwithoutsalt, affectionately named ‘Dating My Husband’. For me it evokes any number of emotions, but the primary words that come to mind are tender, sensual, and adorable. The first time I saw it (and every time since), I was captivated by the story, the sounds, and … Continue reading

Challenge Accepted.

During those long, hot days of Summer, growing up in the suburbs of eastern Pennsylvania, sun tea had always been a consistent presence in my childhood. Even now I can see the weathered, flowered pitcher my mom would put out every season, full of Lipton tea bags, to brew leisurely on our sun-filled front porch. … Continue reading

Much ado about coffee.

Here’s the thing, I’ve never really given much thought to if there was a right way, or a wrong way, to make coffee. Some water, a couple spoonfuls of ground beans, press the ‘on’ button – we’re good to go. Or so I thought. My husband is a man who loves his coffee. More and … Continue reading

So fresh, so clean.

I hope you’re staying cool blog friends. More and more recently, FaceBook has literally become ablaze with the cries of those suffering from immense heat. So far, my dear husband and I have been lucky to be living a city currently escaping a heat wave that has seemingly taken over, well, everywhere. The latest weather … Continue reading

Baby, you’re a firework.

Happy 4th of July blog friends! I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and have wonderful plans for festivities, fireworks, and of course, great food. The hubby and I are keeping it simple this year – a day of leisure, followed by a picnic dinner and an evening of fireworks. The Menu – Chipotle … Continue reading