Baby, you’re a firework.

Happy 4th of July blog friends! I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and have wonderful plans for festivities, fireworks, and of course, great food. The hubby and I are keeping it simple this year – a day of leisure, followed by a picnic dinner and an evening of fireworks.

The Menu

– Chipotle and Citrus Pulled Pork (changing up an old favorite – served on hamburger buns with red cabbage and Greek yogurt with lime juice, salt, and pepper).

– Green bean salad (blanched green beans, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, splash of lemon juice, fresh garlic,  salt, and pepper).

– Tortilla chips and carrots with roasted red pepper hummus (all store bought, but delicious none the less).

– Cantaloupe and strawberries .


I’ve made life easier by making the pork in advance so all I have to do is worry about chopping some produce and enjoying the holiday. What’s everyone else having?

 Here’s wishing you all a happy independence holiday from us in Seattle to wherever you are!


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