Posted in August 2012

A Napoli.

The hubby is having a rough week. To remedy this, rather than scour my ever-growing library of cookbooks to try and find the very best dish to cure the Wednesday blues, I figure this is as good a time as any to get out of the house and indulge in another spontaneous date night. The … Continue reading

Bon anniversaire.

In honor of Julia Child’s birthday last week (and because I really wanted it), I give you a recipe from her ingenious and groundbreaking cookbook. So much has already been said about this incredible woman and chef that I feel the best justice I can offer to her memory is to simply let the food … Continue reading

Peaceful, easy feeling.

The sun is warm and shining, Bessie Smith is playing in the background, food magazines are strewn haphazardly all around me, and the entire apartment smells of butter, brown sugar, and fruit preserve baking in the oven. I could bask in this smell all day, and given my incredibly relaxed state, I just might. The … Continue reading

Ay dios huevos.

I stumbled upon this recipe about a week ago and have been sitting on it ever since trying to come up with a clever and personal narrative that I could somehow connect to this dish. Finally, this morning, I decided that the story was actually pretty straightforward, and therefore perfect in its simplicity. I wanted … Continue reading