Stay tuned.

Hey blog friends! If you’re still out there, thanks for sticking around. Despite my very best efforts, packing up my life here in Seattle is taking up way more of my time, and mental energy, than I originally thought. Every time I try to sit down and type something out, there’s another box to pack, a friend to say goodbye to, or (if we’re being real here) some delicious treat only Seattle can offer to consume. Have no fear, while it may take me a few more days, I have every intention of providing a proper farewell to the emerald city. In the meantime, I offer my sincerest apologies and the only penance that seems appropriate, enjoy!

Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake
(Recipe from SB&GB, click here  to view. This is an effort to purely save time. I actually adapted my own version (omitting the cocoa powder and using more chocolate chips, using granulated sugar instead of organic cane, and regular ramekins instead of spring-loaded) but I accidentally threw away my notes and didn’t have time to test a new recipe. I know, the horror! Hopefully you all won’t hold this too much against me.)




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