Greetings From Philadelphia!

It’s been a packed 3 weeks since we’ve landed, and then some. Between getting settled, traveling to see family and friends, and now stalking the path and destruction of hurricane Sandy, we’ve really hit the ground running. I’m still trying to catch my breath.

In the spirit of being cooped up in doors, giving in to the nostalgia that can often accompany cabin fever, I wanted to take this opportunity to look back for just a minute and remember a few of the special places we left behind in Seattle. Keeping this list relatively short was extremely difficult, so much in fact that I had to cheat a little bit.  (Ok, let’s be real, it’s still pretty long).  Comprised of regular haunts, occasional favorites, and unexpected surprises – here is my way of paying homage to the city we’ve called home for the last year. We’ll miss you Seattle and hope to visit you soon. That being said, it feels great to be back.

Happy Hour at Serious Pie

Tom Douglas is a pizza GOD.  Granted his non-pizza food and desserts are amazing as well, but there is something truly special, in my opinion anyway, about his pizza.  Wood-fire ovens, thin, crackly, yet chewy crusts,  and a superior knowledge of topping combinations (Soft egg and Coppa anyone? Seasonal mushrooms and Truffle Cheese perhaps?)  made this place our go-to when craving some serious pie.

Serious. Pie.


Pike Place Market/ Pizza and booze at  Alibi Room

You can’t talk about Seattle and not mention The Market.  With it’s vast selection of, well, everything you could spend hours roaming the corridors or taking in the beautiful views from the nearby waterfront.  Alibi Room is a dark and cozy cocktail bar tucked away in Post Alley of Pike Place Market.  Pop in for a drink, stay for the pizza (notice a food theme here?)  Honorable market mention: Pike Place Chowder, worth the hype, not just for tourists.

Pike Place Market, dusk.

Waterfront view at sunset.

Entrance to Alibi.


Picnics and hikes at Discovery Park

This place took us completely by surprise.  A stunning  534 acre park located in the Magnolia neighborhood in the city of Seattle, it’s spectacular views and varied terrains can only be described as California, Pennsylvania, and New England all rolled into one. Words won’t do this place justice, pictures won’t do this place justice, you’ll just have to go and experience it for yourself.  Trust me, you won’t know what hit you.

Pennsylvania. (out of shot there is a huge field that reminded me of Valley Forge).


New England.


Capitol Hill: Tango Restaurant, Top Pot Doughnuts, Oddfellows, Elliot Bay Book Company

Although we technically lived in First Hill, we spent nearly all of our time in the next door neighborhood of Capitol Hill.  It dashed many plans to explore other neighborhoods because it was about a 5 minute walk to everything we could possibly want including grocery stores, parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.  Tango, a really affordable Spanish tapas joint, was our celebration place (including New Year’s 2011-2012 and our first wedding anniversary),  Oddfellows, our Brunch spot, Top Pot, our doughnut haven (especially since there involved a nice little walk to make you feel you like you really earned a sweet treat), and Elliot Bay, a charming, rustic looking book store that we visited nearly every weekend.

Capitol Hill: Cal Anderson Park

Elliot Bay entrance.

Oddfellows brunch.

Top Pot: land of doughnuts.


The Sorrento Hotel

Last but certainly not least, is a gorgeous turn of the century hotel that is located a stone’s throw away from our old apartment in First Hill.  The Sorrento is iconic.  Offering a sitting room, complete with a fireplace built in the early 1900’s and vintage furniture, both hotel patrons and locals alike are welcome, and encouraged, to lounge.  On certain evenings there is live music, reading groups, and drinking lessons. There are food and beverage menus to enjoy and an ambiance that will make you feel as if you are unwinding in another time, another world.  It is sincerely one of my favorite buildings in the city and will always have a special place in our hearts.  Oh Sorrento, I might miss you most of all.

Lovely Sorrento.

Fireside Room, I miss you already.


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